Alfonzo Watkins, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor in Peoria and Phoenix, AZ
Alfonzo Watkins, LPC
Meet Alfonzo

Alfonzo Watkins MSE, LPC is a Licensed Professional Clinical Psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience providing treatment and services in the industries of education, social services, correction, mental health, and substance abuse. Mr. Watkins served four years in the United States Marine Corps from 1988 to 1992.

Working in these institutions and industries has given tremendous insight on impact and affects they have in human development from an environmental and social condition perspective. Working with diverse cultures and populations have given Mr. Watkins a level of expertise and extensive range in his Theoretical Approach and Orientation in providing Spiritual and Mental Health treatment and services for individual clients and their families.

Mr. Watkins has a Bachelor degree in Community Education and Masters in Educational Psychology (Focus in Community Counseling).