Richard Hurt, Ph.D.

Psychologist in Peoria and Phoenix, AZ
Richard Hurt, Ph.D.
Meet Richard

Welcome. I am a licensed clinical psychologist having worked in numerous treatment settings including hospitals, group homes, residential treatment centers, and outpatient settings. My Jungian-oriented therapeutic style attends to an individual’s memories, dreams, and reflections. Dream work is central in my therapeutic repertoire. The therapeutic process can be envisioned as an awakening; calling for a new chapter to be entered in our book of life. By telling our story we become grounded and mindful in the present by coloring in the outline of our past and future.

I am adept at helping individuals navigate long-standing psychological/addiction issues, unexpected life changes, as well as the hassles of everyday life. The pathway to healing is always unique and within oneself. The way out is the way through. Building psychological immunity and resilience empowers an individual to get the most out of life by assuming responsibility, creating self-awareness, and embracing change.

I work with individuals ages 18 and up with relationship, mental health, and/or substance abuse issues. I look forward to working with you.